Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CIEB | AppDev – SharePoint 2010 for Developers Volume 1 and 2

SharePoint 2010 has reached a new level of features for .NET and web development that far exceeds previous versions. This course introduces SharePoint 2010 as a development platform, which includes creating sites, lists and pages. In creating these items you’ll be introduced to the many new features that SharePoint 2010 has to offer. You will explore new SharePoint projects, item templates, feature and package designer found in Visual Studio 2010. The course explores programming lists with managed code including list instances, define views, CAML queries and more. The SharePoint Client model is covered next with object instances, Silverlight and other elements. You will learn about branding for pages and styles, and the importance of Sandbox Solutions. You will see client side programming in JavaScript, as well as Site definitions and Web Templates as well as Security, Business Services and Workflow basics. To end the course you will see how to program navigation and the ribbon
In this course, you will learn how to:
* Setup the SharePoint architecture
* Define fields, create content types and list instances
* Use new SharePoint templates and Projects found in Visual Studio 2010
* Display webs and lists with a Web Part
* Create user controls and delegate controls
* Use the client object model in JavaScript (ECMA Script) clients
* Creating event handlers and custom list forms
* Create Master pages, themes and custom styles for the entire web site
* Use a Sandbox for SharePoint development
* Use jQuery with SharePoint
* Create Core Foundation Site definitions
* Assign right and permissions to individual and groups
* Consume .NET assemblies and WCF services
* Create custom actions and navigation providers
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