Thursday, July 15, 2010

BioBusiness is a newly established R&D center for design

BioBusiness is a newly established R&D center for design, prototyping and development of Medical Equipment. The current main facility is the R&D center located in the Haram District, Cairo, Egypt.
In accordance with the Millennium Development Goals, BioBusiness is seeking to provide better healthcare standards for the Pan-Arab region. Reducing child mortality and improving maternal health could be achieved by providing affordable healthcare, using state-of-the-art technology, with locally relevant features and innovation.

For the sake of quality assurance, BioBusiness strictly sticks to the highest standards of quality in the medical field. By conducting rigorous clinical trials and testing, and seeking certifications from independent agencies, BioBusiness ensures the highest possible quality and reliability for its medical devices.

For affordability, BioBusiness always seeks to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its products by maintaining competitive offerings versus the local and international competitors to ensure affordability. BioBusiness, however, will never compromise the quality of its products, and will always deliver the best value-for-money in the market.

In addition, the products of BioBusiness are locally relevant in the sense that they always offer the right technology and products together with the right set of features that are appropriate for the target market. Localization and tailoring the device for the target market is a top priority for BioBusiness.

BioBusiness is a business start-up founded by young enthusiastic research engineers, graduates of the Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University; backed up by three industry veterans with decades of experience in multinationals. BioBusiness was founded commercially in June 2009, on a legal basis of Equity Partnership between the founders.
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We Belive in ourselfs and we Belive we Could make Something special perfectly

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this is the future of our country