Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Police Combat Tactics Volume 1 (2009)

Police Combat Tactics Volume 1 (2009)
DVDRip | English | 01:24:58 | AVI XViD 512?384 805kbps | MP3 114kbps 48khz | 560 MB
Genre: Video Training

In this series, veteran law enforcement officer and SWAT team commander Lieutenant Kevin Dillon shares with you the many strategies and tactics he has used in his twenty-three years on the force.
In Police Combat Tactics One DVD he combines his practical Flashbang tactics and in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement officers to give you a solid foundation in the physical and psychological tactics of on thejob confrontations.

Master the essentials of successfully reacting to fluid situations, avoiding physical confrontations, handling all levels of resistance and protecting yourself when the fists start flying. Lieutenant Dillon presents a smart, no-nonsense approach to a wide range of topics including:
* Strength training drills and their applications to police work
* Team building fitness drills
* Falling and recovery from the ground
* Coping with fear on the job
* Environmental awareness
* Reality based training methods
* The role of visualization in preparing for a confrontation
* Interviewing stance and posture
* Identifying levels of force and choosing an appropriate response
* Understanding levels of resistance
* Fighting stances
* Reading body language
* Defensive tactics to prevent injury
* Distance and range
* Rule of 3 in deploying force
* Combat punching
* Defending against the sucker punch
* Close quarters tactics
* Blocking vs. destroying the attack


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