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CIEB | CBT Nuggets – CWNP – Wireless # PW0-050 – RETIRED [17 WMV]

Release: 7/2006
Trainer: Michael J. Shannon
Videos: 17
Time: 8 hrs
The Wireless# certification and exam (PW0-050) has been retired, but this training holds value to IT professionals.
Wireless is quickly overtaking wired networking as the technology of choice for networks of all sizes. Businesses need tech pros who can install reliable wireless networks.

The lessons in the Wireless# Certification Package will
teach you the fundamentals of wireless technology, how to deploy a basic wireless network, and how to make it run well. This instruction gives you a strong foundation in wireless networking. Plus, it prepares you to go much deeper into wireless, adding this exciting technology to your IT skillset.
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Series 1: CWNP Wireless# Certification Series
1 Introduction to Wireless# 00:11:40
2 Wi-Fi Organizations 00:14:53
3 Wi-Fi Technology Characteristics 00:41:02
4 Wi-Fi Standards 00:26:16
5 Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals — Part 1 00:31:33
6 Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals — Part 2 00:24:17
7 Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of ZigBee Technology 00:17:20
8 Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of WiMax Technology 00:19:23
9 Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of Bluetooth Technology 00:29:25
10 Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of Infrared Technology 00:18:51
11 Wireless Infrastructure Devices 00:30:24
12 Wireless Client Devices 00:39:17
13 Introduction to Wireless Antenna Types 00:21:28
14 Common WLAN Applications 00:37:53
15 Optimizing Wireless Networks 00:35:05
16 Wireless LAN Security Techniques 00:41:36
17 Troubleshooting WLAN’s 00:39:54
About The Trainer: Michael J. Shannon
CERTIFICATIONS CCSI – Cisco Certified Instructor, CCSP, CISSP, CWNA, CCNP (pending newest exams in next 60 days), MCSE, CIW Associate, Network+, Security+
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Network Security, Network Implementation, Wireless Networking Administration and Security, Systems Management and Design, I.T. Operations and Management, Training and Courseware Development
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