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CIEB | ShowMeDo – Python Collection 2011

This material was taken from the ‘Showmedoo’ website on the date of 08/24/2011
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The Collections
01 – Python Beginners I Collection
Our Python Beginners’ collection consists of the main ‘Python for Beginners’ set, introducing the language gently, and the accompanying ‘Batteries Included’, an introduction to all the main Python standard libraries.

This collection sets the stage for our ‘Python Beginners II’ collection. After finishing the projects there you will want to check out our ‘Further Progress with Python collection.

Python for Beginners
With 41 video-tutorials and over 3 hours of material, Ian Oszvald’s large Python Beginners Collection takes you very gently from an introduction to the look and feel of Python through to the main elements needed to start programming productively. The series has received some glowing testimonials and is a great way to kickstart your Python programming career.
Batteries Included
Python comes with ‘Batteries Included’, meaning you get some hugely useful libraries out of the box. Lucas Holland’s series covers basic usage for each of the main included Python libraries. It is a great accompaniment to ‘Python Beginners’ as well as being a useful reference work in its own right.
02 – Python Beginners II Collection
As you start to become comfortable with Python, a great way to expand your skill is to see simple application development in action. Over 30 video-tutorials the two series in this collection show how to build simple, fully-working GUIs from scratch.
Our Python Beginners II collection consists of two series, ‘Python 101 – easygui and csv’ and ‘Building an Image-viewer with wxPython’. These aim to increase your comfort with Python by guiding you gently through fully-worked and explained projects.
This collection builds on our ‘Python Beginners I’ collection. After finishing the projects you will want to check out our ‘Further Progress with Python collection.
Python 101 – easygui and cvs
Aimed at Python Beginner Programmers, Python 101 – easygui and csv is a fully-worked series which shows how to build a complete application with a User Interface over the course of 17 gentle videos. It covers use of the comma-separated-values (csv) module, reading and writing files, handling exceptions and giving useful error messages. It also focusses on using test-driven development, automated-testing and refactoring to create more robust and reliable programs.
Building an Image-viewer with wxPython
Want to learn wxPython? Want a fully-worked example which leads you through to a working program? Want some exercises (with solutions!) which test your growing knowledge? Here we build a wxPython-based Image Viewer over 14 video-tutorials and at the end of the series you will be able to build your own wxPython applications.
Further Progress with Python – Flexing Your Python Muscles
Programming is about solving real problems in the real world. As your Python skills develop we have video-series that introduce you to some of the practical areas where Python’s power starts to shine and you can reap the benefits of its power and efficiency.
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