Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photoshop Retouching Workflow Tutorial DVD – Guy Gowan

Genre: eLearning
Guy Gowan has manipulated images since the first digital scanning devices were developed and has amassed a wide range of experience and expertise along the way.
In this DVD tutorial, Guy our senior presenter with his unique approach to image manipulation demonstrates the techniques he uses in Retouching Workflow.
You will see him and his monitor simultaneously throughout this unique seminar style tutorial. His methods are advanced and with this DVD you will learn how to retouch and manipulate images with flexibility, speed and most importantly – Quality….

In this DVD you will learn how to create an automated retouching workflow.
You will learn how to configure and apply Safe Auto-Levels and add amazing Contrast to images without affecting the image colour balance.
We also demonstrate a technique for dealing with colour Cast reduction, using the Histogram and Photofilter to produce a totally natural and convincing effect.
You will learn how to add these techniques to a set of Actions within Photoshop to create a powerful retouching system. You will then learn how to take this one step further creating a desktop Droplet to create an automated non-destructive workflow….
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