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Train Signal Advanced SQL Server 2008 Database Administration Training

Train Signal Advanced SQL Server 2008
Database Administration Training

Our Advanced SQL Server 2008 Database Administration Training
Teaches You: Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining
a Database Server Infrastructure and Much More.
Plus, 70-450 Exam Coverage!
SQL Server 2008 Database Development Training
Course FAQs
“Am I qualified to take this course?”
YES! If you have taken our SQL Server 2008 Administration Training course, have obtained your 70-432 MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance certification, or have experience as a SQL Server 2008 administrator, you’ll benefit from this in-depth course!

**Note:This is an Advanced course and is not recommended for SQL Server 2008 beginners.
“Do I need any special equipment to complete this training course?”
NO! All you need is a computer with Internet Explorer and a media player; however, working hands-on with SQL Server 2008 may enhance your training experience.
“Is this course part of any Microsoft certification track?”
YES! This course will help you prepare for the 70-450 Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Server Infrastructure using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 exam.
Advanced SQL Server 2008 Database Administration Training
Course Outline
Video 1 Getting Started with Advanced SQL Server 2008 Administration TrainingIn this video you will learn a little bit about your instructor and you will discover the topics that will be covered in this course.

About This Course
About Your Instructor
Overview of Course Topics
How to Use This Course
Video 2 Lab SetupIn this video you will learn about the hardware and software that Mel uses in the course, so you can set up your own environment that will allow you to work hands-on and follow along with the course labs.

The Instructor’s Environment
Copying and Setting Up the Course Files
Video 3 The Course ScenarioIn this video you will be introduced to the course scenario that you will work with throughout the course.

The Company: Veronica’s Veronicas
Database Schema for Veronica’s Veronicas
Veronica’s Veronicas Locations
Video 4 Setup and Installation of SQL Server 2008In this video you will learn how to prepare for a SQL Server 2008 installation. Plus, you will work hands-on to install SQL Server 2008!

SQL Server 2008 Editions
Performing a New Installation
SQL Server Installation Center
Server Configuration
Database Engine Configuration & Authentication
Microsoft SQL Management Studio
Features of SQL Server
Hardware, Disk Space, and Software
Video 5 IndexesIn any database you definitely want to be able to access information as quickly as possible; that’s why knowing how to utilize indexes is an invaluable resource. In this video you will learn how to use indexes, when to use indexes and the best ways to use the various types of indexes to access your databaase information in the most efficient manner.

Introduction and Overview
Indexes in SQL Server 2008
Clustered and Non Clustered Indexes
XML Indexes
Spatial Indexes
User Account Setup
Creating a Clustered or Non Clustered Index
Creating a Spatial Index
Creating an XML Index
Using T-SQL for Indexes
Rebuilding and Dropping Indexes
Filtered Indexes
Indexes Views
Index Performance
Disabling Query Statistic Collection
Fragmentation and Fill Factor
Reorganizing vs. Rebuilding an Index
The Database Tuning Advisor
Video 6 Full-Text SearchIn this video you will learn how to search through text in your database by using an index to jump directly to the records of interest. Plus, you will work hands-on performing full-text searches using the Full-Index Wizard.

Overview of Topics
Pros and Cons
Full-Text Search Terminology
Installing Full-Text Search
Introduction to Full-Text Catalogs and Full-Text Indexes
Creating a Full-Text Catalog and Index Using the Full-Text Indexing Wizard
The Like Expression vs. the Contains Statement
Configuring Full-Text Searches
Using the Inflectional Statement
Troubleshooting Full-Text Search
Troubleshooting Full-Text Search Using Dynamic Management Views
Full-Text Search Error Logs
Video 7 SQL Server 2008 SecuritySQL Server is designed to allow quick reliable access to your corporate data. In this video you will learn how to use the various SQL Server security configuration choices and you will work hands-on with these different configuration options to control access to the data in your database.

Authentication Modes
Creating Users and Logins
Database-Level Roles
Server-Level Roles
The SA Account
SQL Server Service Accounts
Built-in SQL Server Accounts
Securable Scopes and Schemas
Video 8 SQL Server 2008 Policy Based ManagementPolicy Based Management is new to SQL Server 2008 and it replaces the Surface Area Configuration tool from previous SQL Server versions. In this video you will learn to utilize Policy Based Management to provide a more manageable centralized configuration management interface for all your server instances. Plus, you will work hands-on to enforce naming restrictions and control your feature states.

Policy Based Management Benefits
Policy Based Management Terms and Concepts
Setting Up Naming Restrictions
Controlling Feature State
Adding a User to the Policy Administrator Role
Recap and Other Things to Remember
Video 9 SQL Server 2008 Data EncryptionMost of us will agree that our data can never be too secure! That is why in SQL Server 2008 you are able to encrypt your data, so that even if your data is compromised it is not readable without the decryption keys and passwords. In this video you will learn how to properly utilize the various SQL Server encryption options and you will work hands-on to encrypt the data in your SQL Server 2008 database.

Encryption Background Information
SQL Server 2008 Encryption Hierarchy
Encryption Hiearachy Components
Data Encryption vs. Transparent Data Encryption
SQL Server 2008 Column Encryption
Column Decryption
Transparent Data Encryption
Encryption Alogorithms
Video 10 SQL Server 2008 Backup and RecoveryBeing able to recover your data in the event of data loss or corruption is part of the foundation of any administered SQL installation. In this video you will work step-by-step through the backup and recovery process. Plus, you will work hands-on with Snapshots as you develop your own data recovery plan.

SQL Server 2008 Files
SQL Server 2008 System Databases
Creating a Basic Backup
Performing a Basic Restore
Database Recovery Models
Backup Types
Backup and Restore with TDE Enabled
Using Snapshots in SQL Server 2008
Video 11 SQL Server 2008 High AvailabilityIn this video you will learn how to utilize the various SQL Server High Availability options. Plus, you will discover the pros and cons of each option that will enable you to create and tailor the best high availability solution for your organization.

High Availability Options
Failover Clustering
Pros and Cons of Failover Clustering
Database Mirroring
Pros and Cons of Database Mirroring
Log Shipping
Pros and Cons of Log Shipping
Replication and Database Mirroring
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium UpgradeSelecting a High Availability Solution
Video 12 SQL Server 2008 Failover ClusteringSQL Server 2008 operates based on the Microsoft Windows clustering capabilities. In this video you will learn the requirements to enable SQL Server clustering so that you will be prepared in the event of a failure.

Key Terms to Know
Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Clustering Installation Process
SQL Server 2008 Clustering Options
Video 13 SQL Server 2008 Database MirroringDatabase Mirroring is an excellent way to maintain database availability in the event of a server outage or during server maintenance. In this video you will work hands-on to configure your own mirrored instance so that you can avoid database downtime.

Mirroring Overview
Operating Modes
Mirroring Roles
Mirroring Service Account
Setting Up Server Engine Service Accounts
Database Mirroring Sessions
Creating Database Mirroring Endpoints
Role Switching
Configuring Endpoints and Starting Mirroring
Recommendations and Restrictions
Video 14 SQL Server 2008 Log ShippingLog Shipping is another option you can utilize to make sure your data remains available to users in the event of crashes or failures. In this video you will work step-by-step to setup, configure and monitor log shipping in your own SQL Server 2008 database environment.

Log Shipping Overview
SQL Server 2008 Supported Editions
Log Shipping Servers
Log Shipping Jobs
Setting Up Log Shipping
Log Shipping Failover
Primary Server Tables
Secondary Server Tables
Monitor Server Tables
Video 15 SQL Server 2008 ReplicationReplication allows you to make segments of your data available to users and applications on separate SQL Server instances by automatically copying data to various servers within your network. In this video you will learn how to take advantage of the different Replication options. Plus, you will work hands-on to setup and configure Replication in your own SQL Server 2008 database.

The Need for Replication
What is SQL Server Replication?
Two Categories of Replication: Server to Server
Two Categories of Replication: Server to Client
Replication Roles: Publisher, Distributor, and Subscriber
Replication Agents
Replication Configuration
Adding Computers to the Domain
Creating Domain Accounts
Replication User Accounts
Configuring the Firewall
Installing SQL Server and Replication
Configuring Distribution
Creating the Publication
Configuring the Subscriber
Creating the Subscription and Verifying Data Was Replicated
Best Practices
Video 16 Resource GovernorResource Governor is a new feature in SQL Server 2008 that allows you to regulate access to SQL Server resources. In this video you will learn how to utilize Resource Governor to properly manage resource utilization. Plus, you will work hands-on to create your own resource pools, classifier functions, and workload groups.

Managing Resource Utilization
Grouping Server Resources
Classifier Functions
Creating a Classifier Function
Security for Resource Governor
Resource Pools
Creating a Resource Pool
Workload Groups
Creating the Resource Pool and Workload Group
Video 17 Monitoring SQL Server 2008SQL Server 2008 comes equipped with numerous tools designed to monitor the “health” of your SQL Server instance. In this video you will learn how to utilize some of the monitoring tools that will help you prevent problems before they occur and will help you troubleshoot issues as they occur.

Activity Monitor
Trace Flags
SQL Server 2008 Reports
Job Activity Monitor
SQL Server 2008 Logs
Dynamic Management Views and Functions
Using Dynamic Management Views
SQL Server Audits
Dedicated Administrator Connection (DAC)
Video 18 SQL Server 2008 Performance TuningIn this video you will learn how to utilize performance tuning tools to make sure you get the top performance out of your SQL Server instance.

SQL Server Profiler
Database Engine Tuning Advisor
Using the SQL Server Profiler and Database Engine Tuning AdvisorNorton 360 4.0 1 User (3 PC)
Query Analysis and Execution Plans
Using Execution Plans for Query Analysis
Other Performance Tuning Tools
Video 19 SQL Server 2008 PowerShellPower Shell is an object-oriented scripting language designed to automate system tasks. In this video you will learn the basics of SQL Server PowerShell and how to begin to utilize foundational commands and Cmdlets.

Introduction to PowerShell
Running PowerShell 1.0 with SQL Server 2008
Launching PowerShell
Execution Policy Setting
Using Execution Policy Cmdlets
The SQL Server PowerShell Virtual Drive SQLSERVER
Foundational PowerShell Commands
SQL Server Specific Cmdlets
Video 20 SQL Server 2008 Integration ServicesSQL Server Integration Services is your enterprise level tool for transforming data and migrating data between the SQL Server and other data storage. In this video you will work hands-on to install SSIS, configure SSIS, and create & run a full package.

Introduction to Integration Services (SSIS)
Installation and Configuration
SSIS Service Account and Firewall
Modifying MsDtsSrvr.ini.xml and the Windows Registry
SSIS Configuration File
Running an Integration Services Package
Using the “Integration Services” (Import/Export) Wizard
Rerunning a Package Via SSMS
Other Methods of Running a Package
Video 21 Preparing for Your MCITP: 70-450 Certification ExamIn this video you will learn Mel’s inside tips and pointers on the exam certification process and other things you should consider before taking the exam.

Three SQL Server 2008 Certication Levels
Three SQL Server 2008 Certification Tracks
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
MCITP 2005 Upgrade Exams
Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)
SQL Server 2008 Certifications
Preparing for Your 70-450 Certification Exam
Registering for Your 70-450 Certification Exam
Video 22 Next StepsReaching the end of the course does not mean the learning has to end! In this video you will discover the “next steps” for continuing your growth with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
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