Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AutoCAD 2011 New Features and Essential Training[EN]

AutoCAD 2011 New Features and Essential Training
Language: English | 10 hours | 960×540 | MOV | 15.00fps | AAC – 96Kbps | 968 MB
Genre: eLearning
In AutoCAD 2011 New Features, instructor Jeff Bartels highlights productivity and creativity enhancing additions to the AutoCAD toolset. This course covers improved functions for selecting and creating geometry, updated modification tools for hatches and polylines, simplified parametric constraint tools, and the new dynamic surface modeling techniques for creating complex shapes. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:
Applying transparency
Maintaining text readability within linetypes
Automating geometric constraints
Streamlining hatch creation

Using control vertices to create splines
Exploring the updated 3D workspace
Creating surfaces using the Blend, Patch, or Network tools
Trimming and extending surfaces
Working with the new Materials Browser
Customizing render materials
Join Jeff Bartels as he covers the most important features of this industry-standard drafting and design application in AutoCAD 2011 Essential Training. This course begins with a tour of AutoCAD’s interface and the tools used to create basic shapes. It then focuses on the methods used to modify and refine geometry while emphasizing accuracy and good habits to build a solid design foundation. The course covers using layers, line types, and colors to organize a drawing file and explains how to efficiently annotate a design and prepare it for final output. Throughout the title, Jeff shares industry techniques used in production and reinforces concepts using practical examples. Exercise files are included with the course.
Topics include:
* Understanding model space
* Working in a multiple-document environment
* Organizing drawings using layers
* Creating basic geometry
* Configuring units for architectural, civil, or metric work
* Incorporating blocks (symbols) into a working file
* Maintaining accuracy with coordinates and snaps
* Creating annotations that automatically size themselves
* Moving and copying elements
* Transferring data between drawings
* Preparing standardized layouts with title blocks
* Sharing drawings

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