Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fluenz French – Level 1 (better than Rosetta Stone)

Fluenz French – Level 1 (better than Rosetta Stone)|Size : 4.34 GB|Languages
The first level of Fluenz French is a very comprehensive introduction to the language. While French is a challenging language to speak and pronounce well, this program will give you the ability to successfully navigate critical and common situations anywhere this beautiful language is spoken.

In thirty sessions, or the equivalent of two sessions a week during an academic semester, the program covers essential verbs for describing activities, asking questions, expressing desires and needs, and issuing commands in present and future tenses, the ability to correctly form masculine and feminine constructions, the ability to express time and location, how to formulate complex indications when giving directions without making mistakes, and necessary vocabulary for surviving in the French-speaking world.

What can be accomplished by the end?
To give you an idea of how much Fluenz French 1 will enable you to do, the last session teaches users to construct sentences as complex as “I am going to my hotel near the next avenue, and then I want to see the museum at the intersection to the right, so please stop here.”
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arc said...

Thanks. Can you please upload Levels 2 and 3 as well