Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TrainSignal Lab 08 – Virtual Private Networks

This video shows you the scenario in which the rest of the VPN videos in the course are based on.
* Setup Video for VPN Training
* Physical and Logical Setup
* IP Configurations
Video 2
Installing Virtual Private Network using PPTP

This is a necessary skill in order to be able to work with VPNs.
* Setup and Installation of PPTP Virtual Private Network
* Differences Between Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003
Video 3
Configuring Virtual Private Network using Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
Knowing how to configure your VPN using L2TP is good knowledge to have when using a VPN because you will be able to configure your VPN to your specifications.

* Uses of L2TP Protocol
* Configuring VPN Server to Accept L2TP
* Establishing L2TP Session
Video 4
Remote Policies
These are important to know because Remote Policies validate a number of connection settings before authorizing the connection. You can configure aspects such as session times for types of connections or groups and you can specify restricted access for unspecified connections.
* Implementation of Remote Access Policies in Windows Server 2003
* Mixed and Native Modes for Remote Policy
* Conditions, Permissions, and Profile
Video 5
Site-To-Site VPN Connection
Being able to access information on different VPNs within your network is important for anyone that needs to access information from two different locations. This can save your company time and money.
* Site-To-Site VPN Setup
* Static Routes
* Establishing Connection Between Two Sites.
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