Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TrainSignal 05 – DHCP Servers

Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain! Install and configure a DHCP Server for your organization
Authorize a DHCP Server within Active Directory
Create DHCP Scopes and Scope Options
Plan for and setup a DHCP Superscope
Configure reservations and learn how they are different than exclusions
Setup a fault tolerant DHCP solution using two DHCP Servers and two scopes

Learn how to test and troubleshoot DHCP client configurations
Manage your DHCP client from the DOS shell using IPCONFIG Commands (with switches)
Install a DHCP Relay Agent to allow DHCP requests to pass through a routed network
Learn how to prevent your network from rogue DHCP Servers
Add or modify Scope Options on the DHCP Server
Learn how a DHCP Client obtains its IP Address from a DHCP Server
Install RRAS and configure a Server as a router
Monitor a DHCP Server’s active leases
Manage multiple DHCP Servers from one computer
Learn about RFC 1542 (BOOTP/DHCP Forwarding) and instances when you uses a DHCP Relay Agent instead
Learn to configure your DHCP Server more efficiently
Configure User and Vendor classes to allow for advanced DHCP Scope settings
Disable NetBIOS on your network with a DHCP Scope option
Explore how a DHCP Server reacts when it receives IP Requests from XP Clients on two different networks
Backup and Restore a DHCP database
Install and use Terminal Services and Remote Desktop
All of this and more taught in win**s 2000 & Server 2003!
Download LInk:
Password: cieb

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