Friday, September 3, 2010

AppDev – Exploring Visual Studio 2010 Using Visual C Sharp DVD

AppDev – Exploring Visual Studio 2010 Using Visual C Sharp DVD – iNKiSO | 1.57 GB
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Visual Studio 2010 adds a large set of new functionality for the Visual Studio developer. From new language features, including dynamic language support to full support and tooling for developing Silverlight applications. The .NET Framework 4.0 makes it easier than ever to create robust, enterprise-level applications. This course introduces the most important new features in Visual Studio 2010 for experienced Visual Studio developers.

In this course, you will:
* Investigate new language features and see how the complete IDE rewrite using WPF affects the way you write code.
* Learn about many of the new ASP.NET Web Forms features, including HTML and JScript snippets, deployment improvements, and new controls.
* See how the all-new Workflow 4.0 works and get started learning its features.
* Create services using the new features in WCF.
* Drill into new WPF features, focusing on new controls, data binding and more.
* Create Silverlight applications using the new designer built into Visual Studio 2010.
* Work with new data features in Visual Studio 2010.
* Incorporate Office 2010 features into .NET applications, focusing on SharePoint 2010.
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