Friday, November 19, 2010

TeachPro Java Programming

TeachPro Java Programming | ISO | 1.17 GB
TeachPro JAVA is an interactive multimedia educational course that consists of 2 CDs:
+ JAVA, Programming for Beginners (30 hours)
+ JAVA, Programming for Advanced (30 hours).
30 hours of each CD equals to the volume of a common book up to 1200 pages.

Main advantages of TeachPro Java:
•Possibility of self-study / no need for additional tuitions.
The course contains a comprehensive range of lessons and practical tasks for mastering the subject without teachers, manuals, or reference books.

•Product uniqueness – real interactivity of the educational process
TeachPro JAVA courseware teaches using an effective combination of audio and animation.

•Full control over own schedule and learning process
At the user’s convenience the lessons can be both delivered in a continuous mode or in step-by-step mode.

•Technology that prevents illegal duplication
TeachPro JAVA courseware is prevented against illegal duplication by the fool-proof protection system

•Time saving / low cost in comparison to other learning courseware
The learner will save time and money while enhancing the quality and efficiency of his/her education.

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