Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3DS Max – Palace – Architecture Visualisation Set 1- 2

Welcome to this, the sequel to the popular TDW:A1, also by Kris Lee.
This second set of the series expands upon the finished resulting work of the previous DVD set to take the empty building and begin the process of bringing it to life.
Why is this a necessary skill for the 3d artist? Visualisation is one of the largest markets outside of the entertainment industry for 3d artists, visualisation allows architects and designers to be able to present to their client a finished representation of what it is they are going to be investing their money in, whether it is a piece of packaging through to a multifloored retail park.
This set will give you the skills that you need in order to accomplish that goal – you will be able to produce a scene for rendering the presents the apartment in the best possible light as if you were presenting it to a client yourself, and it will leave you with all the skills you need to start on this important career for yourself.

Working with the apartment created in part 1.
Creating Hard Furnishings
Creating Soft Furnishings
Cloth Simulation
Accurate Measurements
Placement of Props
Practical Placement of Furniture in order to ideally represent the work to the client
Author : Kris Lee
Software Used : 3DS Max
Level : Intermediate +
Compatibility :
Duration : 20+ Hours

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