Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RedHAT Linux Urdu CBTS Mpg-Mpg2 LS learn to install, configer and trouble shoot the linux

These are Linux Urdu CBTs in these cbts you can learn to install, configer and trouble shoot the linux base machine.
There are lots more things which you can learn in these cbts.I hope you will enjoy all this.
Linux is steadily gaining marketshare on Microsoft with an estimated 20% of the world?s installed base of server operating systems being Linux based. You can get a piece of the action and become a highly sought after Linux professional with Red Hat Certification training. When you have the abilities to install and configure Red Hat Linux and understand all the ins-and-outs of this system, you will become more marketable and enjoy a new direction of your career.
Red Hat training will give you an edge when taking the certification exam because you will have the knowledge and skills required to both pass the exam as well as excel in your field.

1-Basic Network Settings
2-Samba Linux Server
3-Apache Server
2.9 -Qmail Mail Server
5-FTP Server
6-Configuration of messenger in linux machine
7-Multi Router Traffic Grapher Configuration
8-Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
9-Installation of Linux Gui and Txt
10-DHCP Server Configuration
11-Squid Web Cache Proxy Server
12-Modem Configuration
13-Squid Guard
12.9 -System Breakup and Troubleshooting
15-Installation of Desktop Printer

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