Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Collection tutorials of Network Forums

Some of the Presentations:
100GE in the Lab
BGP Error Handling – Developing an Operator-Led Approach in the IETF
GPXE – Network Booting for the 21st Century
Measuring IPv6 Deployment with BitTorrent
IPv6 Deployment Experiences
Ofcom Spectrum Update
The RIPE Resource Certification project
The Secret Life of Optics
Using VLAN ACLs for DNS traffic capture
Shortest Path Bridging – IEEE 802.1aq
IPv4 Exhaustion What Now
Track IPV6 Deployment Experiences
Track Peering – Interconnecting Outside of the NA Region
World IPv6 Day
3G Mobile-Packet Core Security and Engineering Challenges
100G Operational Considerations
A Complete Guide To Peering
A Service Provider’s Road to IPv6
A Storage Menagerie SANs, Fibre Channel, Replication and Networks
BGP churn evolution A perspective from the core

BGP Error Handling
Building the Mobile Internet
DNS Query Sent by Heavy Users and DNS Prefetch Effect
DNSSEC at Mozilla
Flattening the Network
Internet Routing Registry
IPv6 Technology Overview Part I
L3DSR — Overcoming Layer 2 Limitations of Direct Server Return Load Balancing
Route Servers, Mergers, Features and More
The Role of MPLS-tP, OTN and POT-P in the Evolution of Transport Networks
And many more …

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