Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photodex ProShow Workshop vol. 5 – Creative Captions

Photodex ProShow Workshop vol. 5 – Creative Captions
eLearning | 2.5 GB
Maximize your creative potential and efficiency when using captions in ProShow.
1. Installing Fonts (7:09)
Learn how to obtain and install new fonts, using bonus fonts provided on the DVD for practice.
2. Creating Captions (13:32)
Uncover the basics on creating, editing & hiding captions while learning shortcuts to improve workflow.
3. Location Is Key (11:19)
Explore options for creating effective caption layouts, focusing on positioning, optimizing preview & alignment.
4. Saying It In Style (26:40)
Discover a world of options you can use to enhance the appearance of your captions for any kind of show.
5. Captions That Move (19:05)
Check out the unlimited creative possibilities of using text effects to add energy & professionalism to your captions.
6. Timing and Transitions (12:45)
Get the scoop on controlling timing and transitions for captions, while focusing on solving special timing

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