Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silverlight 4 – Tekpub Masteringtraining

In this series you will learn the basics of working with Silverlight, and then quickly transition to more advanced topics such as working with data, understanding XAML, and hooking into external services.
1 – What is Silverlight?
In this episode well go over the basics of what Silverlight 4.0 is and what it can do, and well do a quick demo of what building a Silverlight application might look like.
2 – Attack of the Layout
In this episode Chris shows you how to deal with layouts in Silverlight, working XAML to get your pixels lined up just so.

3 – Controls
In this episode Chris walks you through the use of various Silverlight controls and their properties.
4 – Databinding
In this episode Chris shows off databinding in Silverlight.
5 – Building a Business App
In this episode Christopher walks shows you how to put your Silverlight skills to good use, building up a Business Application.
6 – Building a Business App, Part 2
In this episode Christopher walks you through part 2 of creating a business-focused application with Silverlight – building out the Grid and Form bits he started in the last episode.
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