Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UDK Video Tutorials Building 3D World – OGASODA 3D

The project is dedicated to the creation of this 3D world of your dreams.

It is no exaggeration, as you can see the world is going exactly in the direction of more and more virtualization. There is little that is left when something natural and positive. Natural, natural, giving way to a virtual, but this does not mean – foreign and poor. Up to you and depends on what the world of your dreams. Ready to dream? Then this project for you and help you. Good luck.
From the author video tutorials: It was always sorry for the newcomers who have to dig deep and hard to dig up at least some valuable information. A “bison” just laugh at them and do not help (almost). A kind of hazing. The purpose of creating the project, to eliminate misunderstanding, and these things help nubam settle into a virtual 3D world. So if you’re a beginner, this project is for you. Welcome.
Topics include:
UDK – Fractured (4)

UDK – Kismet (35)
UDK – PhysX (physics) (12)
UDK – SpeedTree (6)
UDK – loading levels (7)
UDK – Interface (29)
UDK – how to do this? (5)
UDK – landscape (tirrain) (9)
UDK – Materials (14)
UDK – Characters (10)
UDK – Prefab (1)
UDK – simple living (26)
UDK – Work with UIScene (7)
UDK – work with water (5)
UDK – Miscellaneous (17)
UDK – export / import (4)
UDK – particle system (9)
Unreal Script – Create a weapon (9)
UScript – Character (4) (In – UDK – characters)

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