Wednesday, October 12, 2011

VB 6.0 Distributed Applications CBT Nuggetstraining

This Visual Basic 6.0 Distributed Applications video series enables you to develop applications that span many computers and operate across local and wide area networks.
Trainer Garth Schultze takes you to the next level of VB programming, and your marketability and capability as a programmer will increase exponentially. Watching these comprehensive videos is similar to attending classroom instruction. You”ll get a combination of theory and practical instruction as you progress through the lessons. The innovative approach used by CBT Nuggets provides hands-on experience through the eyes of the instructor.
What You’ll Learn
* Video 1: Introduction to Enterprise Applicaton Architectures|20:23

* Video 2: Overview of the CBT Nuggets Distributed Sample Application|18:58
* Video 3: Advanced ADO Techniques|47:15
* Video 4: Advanced COM Concepts|41:20
* Video 5: Implementing Data Services with COM .DLLs|41:07
* Video 6: Introduction to MTS|31:54
* Video 7: Installing|28:57
* Video 8: Integrating Business Services with MTS|44:35
* Video 9: MTS Security Models|34:16
* Video 10: Advanced Visual Basic Options|37:11
* Video 11: Visual Basic Enterprise Tools|27:05
* Video 12: Advanced Client/Server Technologies|33:30
* Video 13: Introduction to the Win32 API|34:14
* Video 14: A Glance into the Future: VB.NET|36:38

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