Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Train Signal Lab VMware Server and Workstation Video Tutorials

Train Signal Lab VMware Server and Workstation Video Tutorials | 975 MB
Here are just Some of the Topics we Cover in our VMware Server & Workstation Training Videos:
- Discover what virtualization is, the many ways to utilize it, and exactly what it can do for your career and/or your business.
- Find out about the different types of virtualization. What products are available and how they differ?
- Find out how to select the right hardware needed for virtualization, RAM, CPU, Disk Storage.
- See a step-by-step installation process of VMware Workstation and Server – from start to finish!
- Get comfortable with different VMware workstation features including: convert hardware wizard, importing options, management interface, and graphical user interface navigation.
- Discover how to create virtual machines, change BIOS settings, add or remove virtual hardware, and much more.
- Find out how to configure and manage VMware Server using VMware Management Interface and VMware Server Console.
- Become familiar with Virtual Hard Disks, their uses, as well as their different types and modes.
- Understand what Virtual Machine Snapshots are and how to use them.
- Discover the many different types of virtual networking with VMware and their advantages!
- Learn how to clone and migrate virtual machines: V2V and P2V.
- Determine how to optimize the hard disk, perform memory and CPU adjustments, and complete virtual machine configuration changes.
- Find out the different types of backups available for VMware.
- Get familiar with VMware scripting.
- Get must-have tips for VMware troubleshooting with VMware support script.

1) 13+ hours of Instructor Led Video Training
2) Learn VMware Server & Workstation On Windows and Linux
3) Coverage Includes VMware Player, VMware Server and VMware Workstation Filled with step-by-step structions,screenshots and diagrams, the Lab Book is the perfect companion to the videos.


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