Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CIEB | Linux device driver interview questions

The top linux device driver interview questions:

Why you want to write a device driver?
how will you register it? 
how will you keep track of its usage? 
Under what license will you write your driver? 
how will you allocate memory in your driver? 
why not vmalloc? 
what if you got to know that your memory is leaking? 
what is IRQ? how will you register your IRQ no? Are you sure you will 
get the IRQ no you have requested? What if you don't get? 
Where will you place filesystem? above device driver or below it?

What is the difference between a thread and a process? 
What is the difference between physical memory addresses and virtual 
memory addresses? What is a page table / page table entry? 
What is the difference between kernel mode and user mode? What is a 
system call? 
What is a spinlock? Why would you use one? When and when not? 
What is a context switch? What happens when a thread is "blocked"? 
What does the scheduler do? 
What happens (to the state of a running thread) when an interrupt occurs? 
What sorts of things must an interrupt handler do? 

You need to see the last fifteen lines of the files dog, cat and horse. What command should you use?
To display a list of all manual pages containing the keyword "date", what command would you type?
When typing at the command line, the default editor is the _____________ library?
What daemon is responsible for tracking events on your system?
What is the minimum number of partitions you need to install Linux? 
What command can you use to review boot messages?
 What command you execute to display the last five commands you have entered? 
Which partitioning tool is available in all distributions? 
Which two commands can you use to delete directories? 
Which file defines all users on your system?

What text filter can you use to display a binary file in octal numbers?
What is difference between user right and user permission?
Which daemon controls the network service -> POP3 mail service

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